Civil Litigation

Law book and judges gavelIt is a fact of life that disputes occur. Smart clients will appreciate that these disputes can be very time-consuming and costly. They need to be resolved quickly and cost effectively. We will in the first instance try to resolve these disputes amicably but if this is not possible then Stanley Kawalsky has over thirty years legal experience in South Africa and Australia and the necessary expertise to conduct litigation at all court levels.

Here at Kawalsky Lawyers we can litigate on a range of civil matters such as property disputes, breach of contract and commercial issues. As your lawyer we will endeavour to settle disputes and aim to reach an equitable outcome for you without having to resort to the courts.

Reaching a conclusion and settling a matter before taking it to the courts is a far more desirable and practical option in the interests of saving time and money.

However, in the event that both parties cannot reach a settled decision you can be assured strong representation in court.