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Family Law Matters

sad-girl-with-her-fighting-parentsProblems in a marriage that lead to divorce give rise to numerous complex issues from property division to spousal maintenance. These legal matters fall under family law which deals specifically with issues related to family life. When this is the case, it Is imperative that you consult separation lawyers in Perth who  will ensure that your legal rights and interests are protected. Kawalsky Lawyers provides a legal service that you can trust to provide a strong representation in court and measured advice.

Couples that decide to separate are faced with difficult issues which include:

  • Establishing separate residences
  • Resolving money and property disputes
  • Making arrangements for children 

Legal counsel is absolutely necessary in these situations to resolve disputes between both parties. Understanding the difference between separation and divorce is important as both carry legal ramifications. Get in contact with Kawalsky Lawyers today and equip yourself with a team consisting of some of the best separation lawyers that Perth has to offer.

Separation Overview

Separation is defined as the end of a marriage or de facto relationship where the couple no longer consider themselves in a relationship. No official documents are needed although the separation will need to be proved if the other party makes a dispute.

It is possible for a couple to separate but continue to live in the same house. This is known as being separated but living “under the one roof” although one may choose to find another residence.

Filing For Divorce

Divorce is defined as the legal end to a marriage. Proceedings for divorce are typically commenced after resolving parenting and financial issues. Couples must be separated at least 12 months otherwise the court may not grant the divorce when filing the application.

A hearing date will be given where the court will decide the extent of the separation. Filing for a divorce is a relatively straightforward process and many choose to do so without a lawyer to assist. Couples that have been married for less than two years will need to attend marriage counseling for possible reconciliation.

You must meet the following conditions to apply for a divorce:

  • Be legally married by providing a certificate
  • Have separated for at least 12 months
  • No possible chance of reconciliation
  • Both parties must be Australian residents or citizens 

A divorce does not automatically settle issues related to parenting and fair division of assets. Couples are advised to resolve all financial matters before applying. Any disputes between either party will need to be addressed in a separate case with legal counsel if necessary.

Why Seek Divorce & Separation Lawyers in Perth

Family law is an extremely complex area of the legal system. Both parties are legally entitled to seek legal counsel for advice on legal rights and obligations. Kawalsky Lawyers is here to provide expert legal services during this crucial time.

The separation lawyers in our Perth office specialise in offering legal advice that protects your interests at all times. We help you:

  • Establish your goals
  • Prepare a strategy for negotiations
  • Negotiate a reasonable settlement
  • Resolve legal disagreements
  • Submit all the necessary documents 

Our Family Lawyers

Although we aim for settlement, we understand there may be no alternative to litigation if disagreements continue between both parties. In these instances, we provide strong representation in the family court for your case.

At Kawalsky Lawyers, we can assist with any issue related to family matters. We have extensive experience with all aspects of family law. We provide assistance each step of the way to identify and resolve legal dispute in a cost effective manner.

Contact us today! You can call the team on 08 6180 3670 and speak to one of our family law solicitors regarding your legal needs.

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