Franchise Lawyer Perth

Are you buying or selling a franchise business? If so, you need to ensure your interests are protected by a franchise lawyer In Perth, and our team has successfully completed many franchise settlement transactions on behalf of both buyers and sellers. Our team specialises in the preparation and/or review of your Sale Agreements, can explain and oversee the legal and important settlement processes and prepare or review any other important documents, for example, leases and franchise agreements.

Or perhaps you’re a franchisee already and you need a franchise lawyer in Perth. At Kawalsky Lawyers, our team of expert franchise lawyers in Perth can assist. We can give you legal advice on your franchise agreements and other related documents, provide legal assistance with any disputes or mediation you may have with Franchisors, help you draft legal documents or provide any other legal assistance where required. Whether you’re a small or large franchisee, we can help!
Here at Kawalsky Lawyers our franchise lawyers also have valuable experience acting for Franchisors. We can assist Franchisors with drafting Franchise Agreements, Disclosure Documents, and other related documents, or provide legal advice and protect your interests in any disputes or mediation matters with franchisees. Whatever your need, Kawalsky Lawyers will deliver the best results for you!

Our team of franchise lawyers in Perth have many years of experience and know and understand how to achieve the best possible outcome or agreement for you and your franchise and business. We make sure your best interest is always put first!

To contact one of our expert franchise lawyers in Perth or to find out more about how we can assist your franchise contact us today or call us on (08) 6180 3670.