Restraining order in Perth

Restraining orders are put in place to give the public an avenue of protection against those who endeavor to be violent towards an individual, threaten them or their property, or partake in any kind of intimidating action. Taking a restraining order out in Perth courts can be a way of protecting yourself from feeling constantly in fear of an individual or group.

How does a restraining order work?

Being designed to protect the applicant (person applying for the order) from acts of physical violence and to stop threats from the respondent (person whom the order is taken out to restrain), a restraining order can help Perth residents feel safer in their own community. There are two major kinds of restraining orders in Perth:

  • Violence Restraining Orders (VRO)
  • Misconduct Restaining Orders (MRO)

Applications for both types of restraining orders can be made through the Magistrates Court or an application to the Children’s Court dependent on the age of the respondent. An application for both kinds of restraining order can be made by:

  • A police officer on behalf of a person or a group
  • A person seeking protection
  • A parent of guardian of a child
  • A guardian of a person

What happens if a restraining order is broken?

Willfully violating a restraining order in Perth can result in an individual being in
contempt of a court order, meaning that person willfully disobeyed the court order. As a result of this, the individual may find themselves subject to a range of legal consequences, including but not limited to arrest, jail time or receive criminal charges.

How do I respond to a restraining order?

If you have received a violence restraining order, a misconduct restraining order or a police order and feel as though your actions are not indicative of the behavior outlined on this page and believe that is particularly demonstrable, get in contact with Kawalsky Lawyers today!

How can we help?

Kawalsky Lawyers has experience dealing with cases pertaining to restraining orders for Perth residents. With analysis into the facets and specifics of your case, Kawalsky Lawyers will be able to navigate the legal system around restraining orders in Perth to create a solution for you! Get in contact with Kawalsky Lawyers today by clicking here or contacting our friendly team on 08 6180 3670!