Wills and Probate

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A will is a written legal document in which you state how you want your property and/or assets to be distributed after you die. A will enables you to nominate an executor who will ensure that your wishes which are set out in your will are met.

Our will lawyers in Perth here at Kawalsky Lawyers believe that it is important to ensure that upon death, your property and assets are transferred to the people of your choice and that your family and loved ones are properly provided for.

Should you die without a will, your property and assets will be distributed by the State and in some cases your estate may be passed onto the Crown. Without a will, your family and loved ones may be left out in the cold and this is certainly not something you want to envision for them in the future.

Therefore, a will involves important planning in order to save time and provide certainty for the future in that should the inevitable happen, your true wishes and intentions are respected.
Our probate lawyer in Perth can prepare wills ranging from simple “husband and wife” wills to complex testamentary trusts, ensuring that the document’s details are all made to your discretion.

Obtaining probate is a technical legal process and that’s where our will lawyers in Perth come in. Mistakes are easy to make and expensive to rectify. Should you try to do this yourself you could easily end up with “requisitions” from the Supreme Court Probate Office. Our probate lawyer in Perth has extensive experience in obtaining grants of probate and assisting in resolving disputes that sometimes arise.

If you would like to contact our will lawyers in Perth to discuss your will and any questions that you may have about obtaining probate then please contact us today or call us on (08) 6180 3670.